For you to remember who you really are
A word from the creators of Samadhi Wear
This whole project started from an idea that we must print out Paulius’ art on t-shirts. As a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so this was our first step to make Samadhi Wear possible. As time went by, we thought up new ideas and brought them into life with little hesitation and, because of that, Samadhi Wear is now a movement of consciousness. Time will tell on what’s going to happen next with this project. We do believe that we are reminding people of their true inner nature and this is a good reason for us to continue doing what we love to do.
We create what we believe in
Our creations and our world
We make clothes that we wear ourselves and believe that is truly a blessing to have a chance to create unique pieces of clothing that makes us feel better and helps us to project our inner self into the World that we all live in.

We are a married couple that wants to leave our own legacy behind us. Paulius is an artist, musician, graphic designer who takes care of all the art direction of the brand. Aiste is the clothes designer and also the marketer. She is the visionary for all the clothes design that you have seen from us. Together we are a team that establishes a connection between our customers, to make sure everybody is delighted with their new piece of unique clothing.